Challenge 2: Day 169: 2000 AD #1982 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: 2000 AD #1982
Dan Abnett, Pat Mills, Rory McConville, and Michael Carroll- Writer
Mark Harrison, Simon Davis, INJ Culbard, Steve Austin, PJ Holden– Artist
May 21, 2016

2000 adI had kept hearing about a comic called 2000 AD and I figured I’d check out an issue and  chose issue #1982 (the year I was born) for today. The comic features writing from Dan Abnett, Pat Mills, Rory McConville, and Michael Carroll with illustrations from Mark Harrison, Simon Davis, INJ Culbard, Steve Austin, and PJ Holden. In the Lion’s Den Part V of Judge Dredd, we see that all of the cities are in utter chaos as someone out there is targeting all of the Judges. What measures need to be taken and what’s the bigger picture? In Sláine – The Brutania Chronicles Book Three – Psychopomp (Part 4), he is in the middle of a battle when things are revealed about his past, but soon he’ll have bigger issues to worry about. In Brink – (Part 5) things are not going so well as Cults are threatening the existence of society, but Brink meets a man who believes that life doesn’t end here on Earth. In Tharg’s Time Twisters – The Timeless Assassin, A hit that seems like destiny has been put on a gangster, but things do not go the way they are supposed to. In Grey Area – Endgame, things are not going very well and in fact they are bleak as the God-Star prepares to destroy the Grey Area where humans and aliens live together.

RCO023_1479789277Obviously going into this blind, I did not know the progress of the stories and where they were in the story line. Some I had a little trouble grasping the point or where they were coming from while others I was able to fall right into it. So, it might be good if I want to read on to do a little research with some of the stories because something might come up in future issues. I definitely love comic books like this one where it’s a bunch of stories in one because it gives you a chance to take a break from one to indulge in another. It also keeps you engaged in the story to only give you a tease which is smart on their part. For the most part, I loved the artwork to a lot of the stories and don’t worry only one is in black and white. That would be the Timeless Assassin story and it’s actually one of my favorite ones on here. It’s just amazing to see a comic book franchise that has an issue #1982 which means that’s a hell of a lot of stories. Check them out for yourselves, you may find that you enjoy it too. Checly out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A

Entertainment Value: A


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