Challenge 2: Day 176: Final Street #1 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Final Street #1 (2018)
Brian Atkins– Artist
Scott Schmidt–Writer
June 20, 2018
Devil’s Due Publishing

final streetBesides Horror films, one of my all time favorite things as a kid was the early video games that I played on my Sega Genesis and Nintendo like Pit Fighter, Street Fighter 2, and one of my all time favs that I beat in Double Dragon. Those were some of the coolest video games that were going around at the time and apparently someone at Devil’s Due Publishing (they produce my favorite horror comic in the Lord Of Gore) feels the same way that I do. That’s right, the company is paying tribute to these old games, but they bending the genre a bit in this new comic entitled Final Street and I have the first issue for you. The comic was written by Scott Schmidt (Hank Steiner: Monster Detective) and illustrated by Brian Atkins (Gargoyle By Moonlight). All Franklin wants to do is train with a girl that he is head over heels for in Sullie and kind of be her equal fighting wise. Unfortunately, while the two are out for dinner, a street gang crashes the occassion and manages to kidnap Franklin. Now Sullie along with her friend Kumi have to battle some street gangs in order to try and rescue Franklin.

au2SGkfyThis is definitely one of the coolest comic books out there right now and it actually has me excited to try and attempt to finish this challenge. One of the biggest points I am going to be focusing on is the artwork because it’s absolutely awesome. Brian Atkins did a bang up job with the artwork making it look nostalgic and almost as if you are playing this on a Sega Genesis or maybe an Nintendo 64. The cool thing about the comic too is that they include the punch combos and other moves just like the video games. The dialogue is almost as short as what a video game would be and I love it. The comic even ends with a stage complete page which leads you to the next issue. I love that one of the thugs is wearing the comic book companies logo on the back of his bad guy styled leather vest. I thought that was a nice touch to the comic. I definitely this is a comic book that you guys should check out especially if you loved those video games. Check out the cool rewards you get with the Kickstarter project right here. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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