Challenge 2: Day 182: Adventure Time Comic #1 (2016)

COMIC TITLE: Adventure Time Comic #1 (2016)
Art Baltazar, Katie Cook, Tony Millionaire, and Kat Leyh– Artist
Art Baltazar, Katie Cook, Tony Millionaire, and Kat Leyh–Writer
July 27, 2016
Boom Studios

2mDrknOhToday’s choice for a comic to read was actually inspired by some nieces and nephews who are obsessed with Cartoon Network. That’s right, I have decided to check out Adventure Time Comics #1 for today which features multiple artists, writers, and stories. In Toothpaste Fairy which was written and illustrated by Art Baltazar (Encounter), Finn has run out of toothpaste to brush his teeth with because Jake used it all. Jake tells him to rub the toothpaste tube like a genies lamp, but will it work? In Stand Next To Me which was illustrated and written by Katie Cook (My Little Pony), Lumpy Space Princess tells Pastry Princess and the Matriarch of Breakfast that there is a body outside her and they want to rescue it before she makes it her new best friend. In Goliad Gets A Break which was written and illustrated by Tony Millionaire (Drinky Cow Drinks Again), Goliad and Stormo are locked in an eternal stalemate which is a good thing because Goliad is destructive. Well this story is what happens when the stalemate gets broken by an outside source and he is free. In Good Shelf which was written and illustrated by Kat Leyh (Bird Witch), Finn gets inspired to build things out of wood that could be cursed, this is not going to end well.

QNs4X_9ZThe artwork in the comic varies from story to story because each story is obviously drawn by a different person. Art Baltazar’s artwork is probably my least favorite of the four, but that is not me condemning his work at all. If you checked out Encounter and you loved that comic then you love what he brings to the table for your kids. My favorite of the four as far as artwork is concerned would go to Katie Cook because I think hers had a little more pizazz to it then the others. You can also definitely see the My Little Pony style in the artwork too, but I also liked Kat Leyh’s because hers was a little closer to the look and feel of the show on Cartoon Network. As far as the stories are concerned, they are rather short and to the point which could be due to the attention span of kids today. I definitely like that cause some of the stories didn’t need to be dragged out any further. This is definitely a comic book that I would let my kid read because if he’s watching the show then why not keep him engaged and reading too. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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