Challenge 2: Day 184: Bane Conquest (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Bane Conquest (2018)
Graham Nolan– Artist
Chuck Dixon–Writer
July 2017-June 2018
DC Comics

Bane_Conquest_Vol_1_12_TextlessOne of my favorite Batman villains outside of The Joker has always been the venom induced beast named Bane. He has always been the perfect counterpart to the Batman who believes in Justice while Bane fights for revenge and death. Back in July of 2017, DC Comics decided to release a monster 12 issue miniseries entitled Bane Conquest which featured the return of the creators of Bane in writer Chuck Dixon (Batman: Bane Of The Demon) and illustrator Graham Nolan (Batman: No Man’s Land). Bane has always been somewhat in control of the underworld in Gotham City, but that is about as far as his reach really goes. After Bane and his crew intercept a ship that was making one hell of a weapons run to Gotham City, it sets Bane off on a mission to get to the bottom of it. The only problem is that Bane is now thinking in terms of a global empire as he plans to take down all the cartels of the world down one by one. That is until he runs into a group that may be more than Bane can handle, but he is definitely up for the war as the key is kidnap a baby that could play a vital role in who wins.

12345.jpgThis is definitely a very good story that you wonder how are they going to carry a story line for 12 issues and it’s quite simple. The hook is in the very first issue because they are introducing you to what the overall goal of the story is. Then as the issues come and go, we are faced with different turning points in the story and different subplots that help drive the story forward. Nolan and Dixon are pros at the game and should never be questioned. Well, only if they make a colossal mistake, but I doubt that will happen. I honestly thought that I was going to get bored reading 12 issues, but they were so enjoyable with all the action, violence, suspense, and everything in between. There were some cool appearances in the comics from various members of the DC Universe and the Batman Universe too. The only thing I didn’t realize about Bane was his background especially his knowledge of Spanish. I thought the Spanish thing was something they added on until I looked up his origin story. Nonetheless, the story is fun and we sort of see a different side of Bane as he tries to take over the world and all of it’s gangs. I definitely think you should check it out if you are a fan of Dixon/Nolan, Batman, and Bane. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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