Challenge 2: Day 187: Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 (2018)
Dylan Burnett– Artist
Donny Cates–Writer
July 4, 2018
Marvel Comics

Cosmic_Ghost_Rider_Vol_1_1Despite the fact that this week’s NCBD (New Comic Book Day) landed on the fourth of July, it definitely contained an amazing amount of new books to read. So, I wanted to take the time to share another one of those with all of you. Donny Cates seems to be very where these days as far as the comic books that I have covered for the blog like Venom and Doctor Strange: Damnation. Then you match him with relative newcomer Dylan Burnett (Heavy Metal) and then you assign them a comic that takes Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher mash him up with the Ghost Rider and then thanks to Galactus giving him cosmic abilities and you have today’s comic Cosmic Ghost Rider #1. So, apparently as Frank Castle dies, he makes a deal with Mephisto to become the Ghost Rider, but then he runs into Galactus and instead of the eater of worlds destroying him, he gives him cosmic powers. Then he hooks up with Thanos and does all of his dirty work before he dies again. That is exactly where we are in this issue and while miserable in Valhalla, he makes a deal with Odinson who then sends him back in time where he meets Baby Thanos, but what are his intentions?

beUj1fRRI have to say that I definitely love the idea of all the things Frank Castle becomes because he was driven by vengeance and that is what has consumed him. It is that very motivation that has brought him to this very point in his life so you reap what you sow. The one thing I had a little bit of an issue with is the artwork. I loved the overall look and feel of what Dylan Burnett brought to the table, but I am not a fan of how Frank Castle looked in this comic. I probably understand why he did it because he is interpreting the character in his own way, but I didn’t like it. I loved all of the artwork when he becomes the Cosmic Ghost Rider because that looks bad ass to me. Donny Cates has definitely intrigued me with the story where at first I was like where is this going, but when he becomes Cosmic Ghost Rider, that is where business picks up for sure and it ends on a cliffhanger plus the cover of the next issue which makes me wish that it came out next week. So, I definitely think you guys should check this out because it has the feel of a start of an action film. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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