Challenge 2: Day 188: Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1 (2015)

COMIC TITLE: Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1 (2015)
Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson– Artist
Kieron Gillen–Writer
August 12, 2015
Image Comics

eb-1wiQOBesides my love for all things horror, films, and comic books, one of my biggest and first loves has always been music. My earliest memories of my love of music will always be Motley Crue, my Disco Duck record from Disney, and MTV in the 1980’s which was just the best. Besides the music and music videos kicking ass, the album covers in the 80’s were some of the best ever that is why when I first saw an ad for the Image Comics produced Phonogram, I was instantly curious. Phonogram is a series that was created by Jamie McKelvie (Artist) and Kieron Gillen (writer) who are the duo behind one of the biggest series from Image in THE WICKED + THE DIVINE. The duo returned to create a third volume of Phonogram in The Immaterial Girl #1 which takes off right where the third issue of the second volume left off which focused on Coven leader Emily Aster. You see to be able to understand the way music moves people is magic in this world and Emily sold her soul to be able to harness the power and become the leader of a coven. Fortunately, we know what a song can do, but unfortunately we do not know what a music video can do and she is about to find out.

w0DwcRs3The thing that attracted me to want to check this out is the fact that the cover of the comic resembles an album cover for Rio by Duran Duran. That is a very good way to sucker me into anything and that is create a spoof or tribute cover using your own characters in the pic. Marvel has been doing it for the last two years and I’ve been suckered in every time. I definitely want to go back and check out previous issues because I’ll admit I felt a little lost in understanding the dynamics of the relationships in the comic. I definitely enjoyed the writing and the artwork for sure, but I just want to understand what exactly the magic is and what makes the covens what they are. So, I am not taking any points away cause that is on me. I am definitely very interested in reading about Emily because she seems like a very dynamic character and the way the comic ends is just awesome because it’s the perfect set up after she talked about a certain music video with someone. I’ll definitely be reading more of this and by the end of it, I will see if I’ll be asking for more from them. The artwork is phenomenal in my opinion and definitely an attractive point of the comic, but the writing is great too which is why I am recommending it. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+



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