Challenge 2: Day 201: Euthanauts #1 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Euthanauts #1 (2018)
Nick Robles– Artist
Tini Howard–Writers
July 18, 2018
Black Crown/IDW Publishing

STL086173As I said back on Wednesday, this week’s New Comic Book Day was a pretty interesting one for all of the titles that were released. One of the titles that stuck out to me the most was one because of it’s title and the cover artwork as Black Crown and IDW Publsihing unleashed Euthanauts #1 this week. The title is a play on the words Euthanasia and Astronaut and it was written by Tini Howard (Rick And Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It) and illustrated by Nick Robles (Maze Runner: The Death Cure Official Graphic Novel Prelude). In this story, Thalia Rosewood has had a very lengthy obsession of sorts with Death and the idea of it has been keeping her from living the life she deserves to live. Mercy Wolfe is a woman who is dying from cancer, but she needs a new recruit before she leaves this world. After noticing Thalia starring at her, she believes it’s fate, chooses her, and then proceeds to knock her out with an oxygen tank. You see she has plans for Thalia and that is for her to become an Euthanaut, but what does this mean for Thalia int he long run?

PvtiZdJGI don’t know why it took me to read this book to finally figure out just what a Euthanaut was and when I did I felt so dumb, but that’s OK. I love the idea and concept of this comic book in the sense of what if you were able to explore death like an astronaut. While the idea isn’t entirely original because we’ve seen films that explore the concept of what if you were able to explore the idea of death like in Flatliners. The only thing with this is that they were smart enough to take it and run with a new flavor for the topic to make it as original to them as possible. I definitely loved the artwork in this comic as they do an amazing job conveying the theme of the comic with the visuals. This is probably my new favorite comic and I definitely look forward to see what the world of death is going to look like in future issues. One thing that I hope for is that you read this review and you finally begin to understand what a Euthanaut is just in case you didn’t. Believe me, you are not alone or maybe I just am? Either way, definitely give this comic book a shot if you haven’t cause I approve.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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