Challenge 2: Day 202: Amazing Spider-Man #796 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Amazing Spider-Man #796 (2018)
Mike Hawthorne– Artist
Dan Slott– Writer
February 21, 2018
Marvel Comics

spiderman 796One of my current favorite story lines going on in Marvel is the Amazing Spider-Man story arc with the Red Goblin. I know that Marvel released a new number one a couple of weeks ago for Amazing Spider-Man, but I didn’t want to start reading that until I finished this. So for today, we have Amazing Spider-Man #796 which was written by Dan Slott (Spider-Verse) and Illustrated by Mike Hawthorne (Deadpool). Here is what we know so far heading into issue #796, Norman Osborne has managed to steal the Carnage Symbiote from a secure location. He decides that he wants to combine the symbiote with him and he definitely feels the rage and power of Carnage. Meanwhile, things are not going so great for our web slinging hero Spider-Man as he was dumped by his girlfriend Mockingbird, he lost his business, and he has no idea what mayhem lies ahead for him now that Osborne is bonded with Carnage forming the Red Goblin. In this issue, we see that Anti-Venom a.k.a. Flash Thompson seems to be the man of the hour in New York as he is kind of stealing Peter’s thunder, but he does run into an old friend that could spark something great. Meanwhile, Osborne and Carnage have a lot of details to go over if they hope that their partnership is going to work.

carnageI love the fact that they re-introduced Mary Jane into the story line as we all know she works for Stark Industries, but it could introduce a classic story line that a lot of us are craving. The only thing that I craved to know is when did Anti-Venom and Boomerang battle each other in the story arc? The comic just kind of started with Anti-Venom looking like the bigger hero than Peter. In a way, it would make sense if they explained it as Anti-Venom had to step up while Peter was busy playing Loki’s games from the last issue. Now as far as the artwork in the comic is concerned, I still think it’s excellent even though we get an artist change for this issue. Usually Ia m against artist changes, but I didn’t mind it with this one because Hawthorne does a great job with it. One thing I wanted to talk about is that I love incorporate real people with their world and i mean that it seems that Stark and Elon Musk of Tesla are competitors. I thought while its a very minor detail, it was still a cool one to see. Business looks like it’s about to pick up with Carnage (Norman Osborne) so I’ll be checking out the next issue.


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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