Challenge 2: Day 221: What If #1 (1977)

COMIC TITLE: What If #1 (1977)
Jim Craig– Artist
Roy Thomas– Writer
February 1977
Marvel Comics

What_If__Vol_1_1Going into today’s Throwback Thursday issue, I have one question for all of you out there. Hasn’t there ever been a time when you wondered what it would be like if Steve Rogers hadn’t become Captain America or what if he was never frozen like he was for so many years? Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like if Ant-Man had never joined the Avengers? I think you catch my drift with this one and at one time, Marvel Comics actually produced a comic that explored these types of scenarios and to help us celebrate the release of a new Fantastic Four comic, we are exploring one very cool question. In What If #1 which was written by Roy Thomas (The Amazing Spider-Man) and illustrated by Jim Craig (Master Of Kung Fu) which explores the idea of what if Spider-Man had joined the Fantastic Four. The Watcher guides us through this realm that sees Spider-Man joining the Fantastic Four making them the Fantastic Five. Although with joining the Four, it makes life a little hectic as everyone wants a piece of you know and that includes the four’s longtime enemy The Sub-Mariner himself Namor. See what happens when he decides to kidnap Sue Storm!

RCO010_1462605006I actually really enjoyed reading this comic because it gives you a different perspective on the Marvel Universe. The fact that they can take old published stories and tweak them so that they can create these new scenarios was genius for them at the time. Some of the scenarios in the story were a little predictable because we all knew that Spider-Man breaking into Fantastic Four headquarters was not going to go over real well with Thing and Johnny. The only benefit to this mash up is that it made a storyline very interesting because we know that Sue has a thing for both Reed and Namor and that is actually explored in this issue in case you were wondering. I won’t give away what happens in the story because you need to check this out. One of my issues heading into reading these Marvel issues has always been the dialogue, but I have to say that I really enjoyed this one even though it had it’s moments. It wasn’t as cheesy as past issues that I have read and that was a sigh of relief to me. Definitely check this one out for sure and check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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