Challenge 2: Day 230: TMNT Bebop and Rocksteady Hit The Road #3 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: TMNT Bebop and Rocksteady Hit The Road #3 (2018)
Dustin Weaver– Artist
Ben Bates, Dustin Weaver– Writer
August 15, 2018
IDW Publishing

TMNT_BebopRocksteady_HittheRoad_03acvr-copy-768x1166 (1)I am back this week with TMNT Bebop and Rocksteady Hit The Road #3 which was once again written by Ben Bates and Dustin Weaver (who also illustrated). In the previous issues, Bebop and Rocksteady are done traveling the world and they want to head back to New York to live their live again, but that is proving to be difficult to the bumbling duo. You see Bebop and Rocksteady are having some problems along with the way which includes the fact that they are slowly changing back into their human form and they just want for once to be considered the heroes. So, they run into Wingnut which turns to almost be a disaster and they have one Agent Ravenwood hot on their tails. Then they decide that it would be a cool idea to get regular jobs, but even with that they run into an old friend and that causes a lot of problems which includes being brought to the brink of death. That is where Savanti Romero comes in and he is willing to let bygones be bygones if they agree to help him which includes changing them back to their mutant selves. The only thing they have to do is help him escape to a different dimension to help kill his boss.

TMNT_Bebop_Rocksteady_Hit_the_Road_03-pr-4This was a very good issue in the comic because it solves the problem of why did they change back into humans and what happens next as well as will they change back into their old selves? One thing that I did want was that I wanted to see more classic characters or maybe some characters we hadn’t see a lot of. I understand why they have to create new characters, but having Wingnut in the first issue is just not enough for me. They also continue to not answer the origin of Agent Ravenwood, but I would imagine that it might be coming up soon considering I think that there is only two issues left overall. I definitely saw an improvement in the artwork for this one as it was enjoyable, but I feel like he is changing their overall look too much. Some of the cool things they added to it was like the arm brace that Bebop receives that has an x-ray mode to let him when his arm is healed. That I thought was pretty cool in general. I am a sucker for TMNT which means I can’t wait to see what wacky adventure they end up in the upcoming issues and will they ever get back to New York? Stay tuned, but for now check out my grades:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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