Challenge 2: Day 242: RoboCop Versus The Terminator #1 (1992)

COMIC TITLE: RoboCop Versus The Terminator #1 (1992)
Walter Simonson– Artist
Frank Miller– Writer
May 1, 1992
Dark Horse Comics

RobocopVsTerminatorIssue1CoverI am always looking for comic book series that I might have missed or just didn’t know existed to check out for this challenge because that’s the point of a challenge. Or at least that is how I look at a challenge because it’s easy to blog about issues you’ve already read before. With that being said, I have been meaning to check out a series that came out in the early 1990’s that combines two of my favorite robot related Sci-Fi films of the 80’s. That’s right, I am talking about RoboCop and The Terminator franchise which produced some memorable films. Well in 1992, Dark Horse Comics decided to take the two films and mash them together to create RoboCop Versus The Terminator #1 which was written by the legendary Frank Miller (Sin City) and illustrated by Walter Simonson (Tarzan Versus Predator). In the future, the world is run by machines as they turned on the humans and began killing them one by one until one know as the chosen one named John Connor stood up to the machines. In New Detroit, a police officer is brutally attacked and thought to be dead until he is brought back as a cyborg police officer. In the future, resistance soldier Flo Langer believes that Alex Murphy is the reason that the machines turned on humans so she goes back to take Alex Murphy out.

g-6LOZt1This was definitely an interesting comic book that just screams 90’s Sci-Fi and I love that about the comic. If you think about it, how cool would it be if this really was the reason the machines turned on the humans. What if the link to it all was a being that was half man and half machine or in Alex Murphy’s case he was more machine than man because I believe only his heart and brain survived the whole ordeal. I love the artwork in the comic because it reminds me so much of the art style of the 1990’s with it’s similarities to the look of comics like Bloodshot, Barb Wire, etc. One thing that I thought was funny that no one in the past blinked an eye at a naked woman that just appeared out of nowhere. The taxi driver was more concerned about teaching what he called a junkie a lesson then ask why in the hell are you naked? Maybe, it’s something that they are used to seeing in New Detroit at around that time frame. I also loved how they added in the facts that Flo was rediscovering what life was like before the machines with the sounds of birds, etc. I thought it was a very cool touch to the comic. I am definitely going to check out the rest of the series and so should you. Check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+



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