Challenge 2: Day 246: Euthanauts #2 (2018)

COMIC TITLE: Euthanauts #2 (2018)
Nick Robles– Artist
Tini Howard–Writers
August 29, 2018
Black Crown/IDW Publishing

STL087885For a very long time, society has been obsessed with the idea of death because it’s literally the unknown. No one has ever died and come back to talk about it so it has always been a wonder to us what the other side looks like. We have seen the subject matter explored in film, music, and even books and now IDW and Black Crown have come out with an interesting take on the subject matter with Euthanauts. The comic was written by Tini Howard (Rick And Morty: Pocket Like You Stole It) and illustrated by Nick Robles (Maze Runner: The Death Cure Official Graphic Novel Prelude). The comic follows the idea of what if we were able to explore the other side like an astronaut. Thalia Rosewood works in a funeral home so she is a little obsessed with the idea of death to the point that it’s keeping her from living her real life. In a restaurant, she meets Mercy Wolfe, an old woman on the verge of death decides to hit Thalia in the bathroom with her oxygen tank to make her a conduit or a connection from the real world. In issue two, She is struggling with this idea and she has to find out a little more so she goes to Mercy’s wake.

T2HOfOCeI want to start this off by saying that once again I love the artwork that Nick Robles is providing for this book. I am especially in love with the scenes when they are in the other world because it’s some of the most bad ass work (e.g. the artwork to the left). I praised him for conveying the idea of the story with the visuals and he continues to knock it out of the park in my opinion. The imagery is just so vivid and the colors just pop in my opinion. As far as the story is concerned, I definitely enjoyed the direction they went because we can’t stay in that world forever and we have to find out what happened to Thalia and how has this affected her. We discover some new characters that are looking like they could be a positive edge for the character and then we meet some characters that could be potential dangers. So with that being said, I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue because I need to see what happens next. So stay tuned here when the next issue comes out, but for now check out my grades below:


Story/Plot: A+

Artwork: A+

Character Representation: A+

Entertainment Value: A+


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